Mountshannon Pub Crawl (2013)

  1. Rabies - Mountshannon Pub Crawl (Cover)Whiskey In The Jar (trad. arr. Rabies)
  2. The Limerick Rake (trad. arr. Rabies)
  3. The Galway Girl (S. Earle)
  4. Ride On (J. MacCarthy)
  5. It’s A Long Way To Tipperary (J. Judge)
  6. She Came Along To Me (W. Guthrie, B. Bragg)
  7. Botany Bay (trad. arr. Rabies)
  8. I’ll Tell Me Ma (trad. arr. Rabies)
  9. Dirty Old Town (E. MacColl)
  10. The Leaving Of Liverpool (R. Maitland, P. Tayluer)
  11. The Irish Rover (trad. arr. Rabies)
  12. The Sick Bed Of CúChulainn (S. MacGowan)
  13. Fiddler’s Green (J. Conolly)

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Bad Ass Molly (2003)

  1. Rabies - Bad Ass Molly (Cover)Bad Ass Molly (Rabies) – Free MP3
  2. Lakes Of Ponchartrain (trad. arr. Rabies)
  3. All Yesterday (Rabies) – Free MP3
  4. The Man Who Signs The House Disposal Deeds (Rabies) – Free MP3
  5. Song For The Newly Wed (Rabies)
  6. The Foggy Dew (trad. arr. Rabies) – Free MP3
  7. Gaelic Tinkers (Rabies) – Free MP3
  8. The Lady’s Got A Heart Of Stone (Rabies)
  9. Folsom Prison Blues (J. Cash)
  10. A New England (B. Bragg)
  11. Streams Of Whiskey (S. MacGowan)
  12. Forgotten Love (Rabies) – Free MP3



Old Snyver (2000)

  1. Rabies_Old-Snyver_CoverRake At The Gates Of Hell (S. MacGowan)
  2. Once Upon A Time (J. Finer)
  3. Ballycanew (Rabies) – Free MP3
  4. Dolphins Of Dingle (Rabies) – Free MP3