Song For The Newly Wed

– Denis Wildschütz

As much as I can figure out
You don’t seem to believe me
That fits the mood you’re in tonight
I see, it ain’t no use
To stick around and talk things out
I know a better whereabouts
I’ll go down to the Castle Inn
And soak myself with booze
And I say

One’s for the sermon you delivered oh so well
One’s for you replacing locks and switching off the bell
One’s for the excitement you have put into my life
Once I had a woman, now I have a wife

I never had no other girl
You can’t be more mistaken
How could I know you didn’t like
My humorous remarks
I guess it doesn’t change a thing
To ponder ‚bout the mood you’re in
I think I’ll have another round
Of stout and Cutty Sark
And I say

One’s for your friends I never yearned to get to know
One’s for the pain you you undertake to spend all of my dough
One’s for the little troubles you have put into my life
Once I had a woman, now I have a wife

But I won’t give up
Trying to figure things out
A life on my own
That’s not enough
I keep on searching
For the way to keep up with your pace
And maybe I’ll find it
Right here down this glass

One’s for your mother being ‚round the house since March
One’s for her rotten beagles that came at no extra charge
One’s for you in general for messing up my life
Once I had a woman, now I have a wife

One’s for Oprah Winfrey and one’s for Trapper John
One’s for Shane MacGowan and his tasteful drinking songs
One’s for the Holy Father and one’s for what’s-his-name
Once I could have killed you
But I love you all the same

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