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Bad Ass Molly

– Denis Wildschütz

It was just one of those friday nights
And the drink was getting low
When the sin on legs walked through the door
And said, come on boys, let’s go
Bad Ass Molly
Her eyes were shining silver
Like the bracelets on her arms
Her crackled leather jacket
With those stupid dangling charms
Bad Ass Molly

She said, let’s paint the town
Let’s go out of our heads
Let’s be a star among the stars
She was the best girl
That I ever had
Bad Ass Molly

And we hit the town just like we did
A thousand times before
A band of raving lunatics
Still itching for some more
Bad Ass Molly
But that night she didn’t act just like
The way she used to do
Until she said, farewell me boys
I’ve got a rendezvous
Bad Ass Molly

So she said
You’d better go to bed
‚Cause there’s a guy out on the streets
Who tries to mess around
So I gotta put him down
Gotta teach him some respect
Or put a bullet through his head
I’m Bad Ass Molly

The next day as I listened
To some news on radio
They said she didn’t suffer much
I bet she didn’t show
Bad Ass Molly
I don’t want no gold or silver
No diamonds and no pearls
I just want my Bad Ass Molly back
My stupid little girl
Bad Ass Molly