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– Denis Wildschütz

Oh, be still, Old Snyver, let’s toss a fiver
Who’ll jump into the mud
Our boat is stuck on a goddamn rock
And the oar left in the flood
You can dry your waistcoat later or buy it all anew
When we’ve all passed over to Ballycanew

You see, O’Shear fought like a bear
To keep our freight unharmed
When the sheriff’s men had caught us then
‚Bout fifteen and well-armed
Spare your excuse for later, now I’m not at all amused
‚Cause we’re passing over to Ballycanew

See the sabres and the pistols
The rifles bold and bright
See the Whiskey in the bottle
Gleaming in the morning light
Contraband is our profession
Our time the night so blue
When we’re passing over to Ballycanew

A loon is he who asks for tea
When the bottle’s passing ‚round
We’ll fill your jug and toast your luck
And your sorrows will be drowned
Three cheers for Irish Whiskey and for the valiant few
Who dare to pass over to Ballycanew