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Forgotten Love

– Karsten Fechner

Alone, I’m just sitt’n here
In this dowdy damn old town
And I spend my whole time waiting
For you, baby, all alone

The days had gone by quickly
For I think that I still feel
Your warm body here beside me
Though I know that it’s not real

I remember our last summer
On that fisherboat at sea
The salty breeze was warm
And you sat so close to me

You leant your lovely body
Up to me and kissed my lips
„I still love you“, so you told me
I embraced your slender hips

You left me without reason
And I felt my heart explode
As it lay there in small pieces
I went counting my own faults

But your letter the next morning
Told me: Hey, just do not care
Our love it was a yawning
Everlasting love is rare

I forget, I forget
All the feelings that I had
It’s sad, just sad
Days are gone when I was glad