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Rake At The Gates Of Hell

– Shane MacGowan

I’ll be with them asleep and dreamin‘
I’ll be there when they wake with screamin‘
At the hour of death then I will nurse them
To have a moment more to curse them
Watch the maggots crawl out of them
Hear the angels call above them
Watch them as the cold wind sucks them
Down to hell, good night, god loves them
If any should escape above me
Bag and shield until they trust me
Drag them down to be damned with me
Laugh at them as they forgive me

Mother’s eyes are sparkling diamonds
Still the moon shows no light
This rose is withered, may god deliver
The rake at the gates of hell tonight

Wish that they could walk forever
On the earth alone unfeathered
Till they pray for conciliation
Till they beg for sweet damnation
Than I’ll come and bring them water
Bring them hope, bring them laughter
Raise their spirits so sad and sunken
Slash them up as they lie there drunken
Push them down into the foul mud
Till they choke up on their own blood
Drag them out before their last breath
To take away their mercy of death